usic is what this section is about, and we've got a whole

lot to choose from. Our song selection truly defines variety; pop hits, 80’s favorites, dance must-haves, classic rock and Motown, all given a great Rockabilly feel. We understand that rooms full of people don’t always share the same taste in music, so we offer something for everyone and make sure the dance floor stays packed. 50,000 people a year sing, dance & jump around with us; you should, too.

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Eight Inch Elvis is one of the most unique and exciting music experiences anywhere. Seriously, crazy good!

Mark Maxwell, The Louisville Crashers

We thought no band could keep 40,000 people standing in the rain, but we were wrong. Eight Inch Elvis blew us, and the crowd, away. I use them every year now.

Wayne Hettinger, director Light Up Louisville

We’ve literally had hundreds of bands and performers on our shows, but no group has generated the response like Eight Inch Elvis. Every time they’re on we know to expect emails, calls and Facebook posts asking how to contact them. They are 1-of-a-kind.

Rachel Platt, WHAS 11 TV

Unbelievable! Both our and the mayor’s office emails are blowing up with raves about your performance. Don’t you guys even think of booking something else this date next year!

Forwarded from the ‘Around Louisville’ office

I love love love Eight Inch Elvis! My favorite band and the dance floor’s, too.

Terra Jackson, Cabo Wabo Event Coordinator

Not only did Eight Inch Elvis put on an incredible show; they did it outside in nearly 100-degree heat. The kids, donors and staff will never forget this night.

Courtney Noel, Entertainment Director Kentucky Youth Advocates

My fiancé saw Eight Inch Elvis at Churchill Downs and had mentioned how entertaining they were. When we were meeting with our wedding planner, she said she and the company catering our wedding had both used them before and they really put on a show. We loved them and they worked with us on every detail!

Sara Graft, Louisville, Kentucky

This band doesn’t know the meaning of less. They excel at more.

SUP Sound Production

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